Collections Management

SAFEMONEY developed a unique system of collection. We work on all stages of the process which is proved to be the key to our success.

We work with preventive collection, creation and implementation of Collection Policy, active collection and pre active litigation.

Our internal system is capable of receiving large volume and process information quickly and securely, thus ensuring excellent rates of recovery. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

To ensure proper handling of each call to a debtor, all calls are recorded and monitored by the administration. You, as our customer can review any call at any time. This also ensures that everything we do is in accordance with the needs and culture of our clients.

When necessary we will charge through visits to customers nationwide through offices partners.

Active Collection

Aiming customization and dedication to the services, SAFEMONEY maintain and utilize a unique team for your company, seeking quick and differentiated returns to our customers.

This service delivery will be based on the size and peculiarities of overdue customers, this active collection service starts in D1 or obeying the collection aligned with the Collection Policy of our customers.

Legal Pre Collection

The Legal Pre Collection is the stage preceding the foreclosure process in order to obtain the return of quick and effective credit debtors.

Every collection action, even if firm and energetic, is always processed within the high ethical and legal, imposed by the Consumer Protection Code.

Preventive Collection

Aiming to work under the market best practices base, we are offering the service of Preventive Collection that acts in a proactive manner, that means through well-defined methodologies and techniques we can confirm payments from your customer base before maturity.

This service on a short-term demonstrated important efficiency for our customers and looking at the medium term also very effective in cultural change in a poorly paying customer portfolio. We are confident that the implementation of this service will make your company improve cash liquidity, thus obtaining an interesting competitive advantage over competitors.

Collections Policy

Our company provides services of design and implementation of the Collections Policy for companies of all business segments.

Our methodology is in line with the Strategic Plan of our customers and aims to provide our customers the best market practices and alignment with all regulations of the different segments.