8 ways Trump hurt Obamacare in his first year

A year ago, Trump promised to repeal Obamacare during his first year in office. That didn't happen, but the Trump administration has been successful at chipping away at the Affordable Care Act in other ways. Here's how.
em 20/01/18 03:28 pm

What happens at Davos?

Thousands of the world's richest and most powerful people are preparing for a pilgrimage to Davos. Why are they going?
em 20/01/18 01:33 pm

Donald Trump Jr. to host Trump Tower buyers from India

President Trump's son will host the early buyers of new Trump Towers apartments in India at a meeting in New York City.
em 19/01/18 09:59 pm

Here's what the last government shutdown looked like

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em 20/01/18 01:14 pm

Three Amazon finalists are inside the Beltway. What gives?

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em 19/01/18 04:44 pm

African nations set to approve huge free trade deal

All 55 African countries are expected to back a Continental Free Trade Area in March. Free trade in goods and services could follow by the end of the year.
em 19/01/18 03:28 pm

These countries offer the most generous maternity leave

European countries lead the way when it comes to giving mothers paid time off.
em 19/01/18 12:07 pm

Minimum wage since 1938

When the federal minimum wage first became law in 1938, it was 25 cents. Adjusted for inflation, that would be worth $4.19 today. Scroll over the chart to see historical minimum wage amounts, and their corresponding values in today's dollars.
em 09/12/16 10:51 pm

Germany has a shortage of workers. Can refugees help?

German companies are tapping into a new source of talent: The hundreds of thousands of refugees who came to the country in the last few years.
em 19/01/18 01:23 pm

Countries with higher wages than the U.S.

Some Republicans say high wages in the U.S. are hurting America's global competitiveness. See the countries where wages are even higher.
em 09/12/16 10:53 pm

Consumer protection bureau drops payday lender lawsuit

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Thursday dropped a lawsuit against four payday lenders yet another clue the agency may be reversing course under President Trump's interim director Mick Mulvaney.
em 18/01/18 10:53 pm

Trump consumer protection chief requests $0 in funding

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em 18/01/18 09:05 pm

Big companies used to pay the best wages. Not anymore

The U.S.' biggest companies now pay some of the worst wages. New studies help explain why the wage premium at large firms has broken down.
em 18/01/18 05:51 pm

Why you probably won't have to pay the AMT again

Three changes under the new federal tax law mean that the number of tax filers hit by the AMT will drop by about 96% to an estimated 200,000.
em 18/01/18 03:12 pm

Here's how states are trying to overhaul Medicaid -- without Congress

Work requirements are only the beginning. States are looking to implement various measures that are expected to shrink their Medicaid rolls.
em 18/01/18 01:17 pm

American businesses can't find workers

Labor shortages in the United States are getting worse, according to a report from the Federal Reserve.
em 17/01/18 09:28 pm

Thought 2017 was bad? 2018 could be much worse

Experts surveyed by the World Economic Forum expect political or economic confrontations between major global powers to worsen in 2018.
em 17/01/18 05:18 pm

The economy is doing great. Here's what could derail it

Although most economists forecast smooth sailing for 2018, many are saying another downturn looms on the horizon. The only question is the cause ? and whether it will feel like we've hit some mild headwinds, or we've run full-steam into a glacier.
em 17/01/18 05:43 pm

You can't get $1 out of the bank in Venezuela. I tried.

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em 17/01/18 01:13 pm

'Safety net' hospitals face federal budget cuts

A double whammy of federal budget cuts might force many hospitals, particularly those that serve poor or rural communities, to scale back services or even shut their doors.
em 17/01/18 11:45 am