Business Consulting

SAFEMONEY Consulting assists clients to develop processes to deliver and use business intelligence. The services include:

  • Developing forecasts and scenarios
  • Providing financing strategies, budgets, models and analyses
  • Synthesizing internal and external information into business intelligence
  • Developing management reporting tools such as key performance indicators

Financial Consulting

SAFEMONEY Consulting performs a comprehensive review of clients’ asset portfolios, including customers, products and physical assets. Our work helps clients preserve and improve profitability through the rationalization and simplification of processes and capabilities.

Organizational Design & Optimization

The organizational design and optimization experts at SAFEMONEY Consulting review functional strategies and implement best practices across the organization. This helps refine focus, reduce capability gaps, set objectives, streamline processes, enhance reporting protocols and lessen cost disparities for the short and long term.

Our experts help clients better manage large and complex enterprise-wide initiatives. We introduce structure and practices that allow senior-level leadership, oversight and control to guide programs to successful conclusions